About Us

When we say Saturn V and  Falcon Heavy, do you know what I am talking about? Did the latest successful Mars landing give you goosebumps? Does technology turn your gears? If yes, the world of TLSS - The Lump Sum Saga - is for you. This store was created for fans of the comic book series, space exploration, and the techno geeks among us. 

Greg Tjosvold, the author of the series, is also the writer of the blog Tech for Comics and the book Comic NFTs - An Ethical Approach, so it goes without saying that this store is a safe place for fans of digital collectibles and the NFT curious. You can expect to see some innovative digital content in this store in the future. To start, there is an entire category of vIRL collectible physical products for those of you who aren’t into NFTs but still want to tap into the associated physical collectibles, including rare Hot Wheels and Funko products.

The store includes a shot of nostalgia. As a sage (that's a polite way to say "guy who is old as dirt") in the world of comics, Tjosvold has spent hours sourcing kitschy and nostalgic products for the “Cosmic Curiosities” category, a riff on comic book ad pages of old. If you remember those ads, you’ll be sure to find something there to amuse.

Thank you for dropping by TLSS Comics and Curiosities. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and we’ll get back to you ASAP.