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Lump Dog™ Degen Ghosty Lenticular Cover

Lump Dog™ Degen Ghosty Lenticular Cover

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This gorgeous lenticular cover by talented digital artist Degen Ghosty shows a key reveal in the overall arc of The Lump Sum Saga series. Marina is one of the TLSS through-characters we meet for the first time in Lump Dog. This cover shows us what is on her shoulder, but it is too much of a spoiler to post here. You’ll have to take my word for it… you don’t want to miss adding this one to your collection.

In Lump Dog™, we meet JoJo, the LWD (little white dog) destined to become the critically important nexus of two worlds. This adorable "floof" will ultimately become one of the most important “through characters” of The Lump Sum Saga. But first, she must survive!

This issue delivers the first five chapters of The Lump Sum Saga continuity. The story takes place [a spoiler amount] of years after the events of Prologue: Only the Fate of the World

Keys for Collectors:

  • 1st appearance of JoJo aka Lump Dog.
  • 1st appearance of The President aka Keegan.
  • 1st appearance of the Mission Control team.
  • 1st appearance of Marina.

Rated: Teen

Collectors: This comic is limited to 36 copies released to the public. 

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