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The Lump Sum Saga Comics & Curiosities

The Lump Sum Saga - Joe Mulvey "You Color" Variant - 1 of 100!

The Lump Sum Saga - Joe Mulvey "You Color" Variant - 1 of 100!

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Scarcity disclosure for collectors: 100 printed.

Joe Mulvey's cover is The Lump Sum Saga unleashed. The original cover was designed to be a "no spoilers" cover and deliberately did not use yellow (long story). This pencil-crayon-friendly, spoilers-all-over cover is your opportunity to customize the look of your copy.

Note to con visitors: You know when you go to a convention and ask an artist to draw a sketch of your favorite character? Yah, that's not going to happen when you visit writer Greg Tjosvold's table unless you are super fond of poorly formed stick figures. However, if you bring this cover and your favourite pencil crayon, he'll gladly color in his name. He might even manage to stay inside the lines.

About the Comic

Issue #1 of TLSS is Redwall meets the Martian with a Twilight Zone twist.

Prologue: Only the Fate of the World - gives a glimpse of the journey writer Greg Tjosvold plans to take you on. On its surface, this short story is a Sci-Fi vignette of two races of aliens forced to explore the universe together to ensure the survival of those back home. In future issues, you'll discover that TLSS is a very familiar superhero epic that answers the question, "What if the spider had a story?"

You can read the issue for free at Global Comix.

Keys for Collectors:

  • 1st story in The Lump Sum Saga universe.
  • 1st comic written by author Greg Tjosvold
  • 1st appearance of the Lightsiders.
  • 1st appearance of the Darksiders.
  • 1st appearance of The Commander.

Rated: Teen

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